It really an opportunity 4 me to visit such country. 1st I reached here, I realized that the sun rose earlier that at my hometown of course due to it position that more to the east. My 1st impression about this country was amazing. When going through all the way out of the airport, I could see the facilities that had been provided around the airport were good same with airport in Malaysia. All that made me remembered about my hometown. Besides that, the management at the airport also was good and all the workers there were very nice and polite. That make the process ran smoothly. Then I took a cab to the hotel since this was my 1st time here, made me strange with the way. There were Metroline that same goes to express train in Malaysia. All the way to the hotel, i could see the behavior of Chinese people. Other that car using as the main transportation,  here other transports used that was bicycle or motorcycle. There was a special routes provided only for them. The road was really busy. It was normal for a busy country like this. After had some rest at the hotel, I went to talk a walk at the East Nanjing Road. I went there by train. The train management was really good, no need to wait for a long time 4 d train to arrive. The Nanjing Road was the famous places to visit an of course shopping. That was my day end. It was really a very tiring day.