Finally, the time has come. I can see the result of all of my hardworks for the last semester. Although it’s not good enough but I think it’s better than the last semester that really disappoint me. I really wait for the improvement. Finally it’s come true. Maybe people will think that it’s so little improvement but that is the beginning of the journey for the success. After this I’ve to work more harder to make my family and my wish come true. Insyaallah….. Amin…… Every successful achievement start with a failure. I’m sure that I can make it. Start a new semester with a new spirit. Others will make a new wish went it come to the new year. But for me the next semester is the new year for me to improve my self to higher level. After this we have to work harder. Alright everyone. We have to help each other in order to make it come true.Gambate!!!!!(^_^)