A friend once fell down suddenly in a BBQ party. People around suggested her go to the hospital but she reassured that nothing’s wrong with herself except having fallen down due stepping on a piece of brick in a pair of new shoes. While she was still shivering, not standing firm, friends helped her clean up her body and got a plate of food for her. So afterwards, she happily enjoyed the rest of time with the company. Later on, her husband called to tell these friends, she has been sent to the hospital at last and she passed away at 6 PM only which cause was a stroke to her during the BBQ party. If they know how to identify the symptoms of a stroke, she might still be staying with them. Some people do not die. However the result is in even helpless and disparate condition. A neurosurgeon says : If he can reach a patient in 3 hours after a stroke attack, he can alter the stroke consequences completely. The trick is how to diagnose a stroke, and let the patient have treatment within 3 hours after a stroke. But this is very difficult to diagnose a stroke.

Thank god for allowing us to remember 3 simple steps : STR Please read and learn! Sometimes it’s not easy to identify a stroke. Yet unfortunately, it will bring disaster without proper alert. If people around a stroke patient are not able to tell a stroke, the stroke patient will suffer from serious brain injury. A doctor says, if surrounding people can just ask 3 simple questions, it is possible to diagnose a stroke. Ask the patient to smile. Request the patient say a simple sentence (must be reasonable and consecutive),e.g. The weather is sunny today. Ask the patient to raise both hands at the same time. One more diagnose method of stroke is : Tell the patient to extrude his tongue. If the tongue is bending or leaning towards one side, that is also a symptom of stroke. Above are 4 steps.  In case a patient can’t do either one of such gestures, you should dial 999 !!!